Katholi School (1st project)

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JPEG - 42.2 kb In 2002, there were only 60 children in 4 classes of which only two were indoor and none had even a single table or bench. Now that we have moved the school, we have more room and we can extend it as needed.
In 2003 they were 8 classes and 140 children (without any sexual, religious or castes distinction)

Katholi School has now 1000 pupils between the ages of 3 to 18 years; they are divided into 15 classes (nursery to class 12) each having their own teacher.

JPEG - 59 kb We contain all the amenities such as Electricity, toilets and water and the teaching standards have been officially recognized by the Indian Government.

Our partner Jasveer Singh as found some second-hand computers for the school, which is a very good point for the children, in a country where data processing is into full expansion. One of our teachers follows itself some courses in Kishangarh and is given the responsability to initiate the pupils.

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During the afternoon, the children can comme in the playground to be all together and play, in particular cricket (national sport practised everywhere and by all in India).

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It is from this axiom that the work continues today in many forms, and it is the main purpose and objectives of the association to maintain the infrastructure of this commitment to improve the education of as many adults and children as possible in Katholi. This will in turn increase the possibility of self reliability and growth within the village of Katholi.

One such project is to encourage the women of the village to be self sufficient through a co-operative group, this will involve the operation of group funding to support traditional domestic industry such as weaving and embroidery. It is envisaged that a micro-credit scheme could be very beneficial, and we are currently in the process of creating such a scheme.

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A minibus was bought to transport all the pupils coming from the surrounding villages

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Katholi school in 2006...

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...and in 2007...

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... in october 2009...

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in november 2011

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in november 2012

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in november 2013

JPEG - 44.4 kb The NGO association is considering many applications that will benefit the community of Katholi, health care and the need for a dispensary is foremost in our long term plans, we are committed to improve the quality of life for all inhabitants of Katholi and its nearby surroundings.