Supports and expenditures

Here is the Balance sheet since the creation of association, to allow you as well as possible to evaluate our needs and our expenditure...

Between June 2003 and September 2016, the NGO as collected the sum of 86 641.64 € thanks to the sponsoring (40 180 €), the donations(24 9044.64 €) and resales (21357 €).

So, 81230 € were already spent including 79040 € directly in India and about 2190 € in various expenditures in France.

If you want to receive the detail of all our expenditures, don’t hesitate to ask, I will send it to you by e-mail.

If I could concretize my projects, that is obviously not alone !
Many people helped me as well financially as materially, to extend my actions...

JPEG - 37.5 kb Begining of 2004, the Rotary Club of Montargis gave me a price called "to be usefull". I received this price (400 €) during our 1st public presentation on March 30th 2004.

I presented in 2004 my project at the contest "Envie d’agir". This contest is organized to incite and help the young people to engage themselves in various fields. My project entitled "Namas’Katholi" (Namas’ being the diminutive of namaskar meaning hello in Hindi) was retained and I received a regional price of 1000 € (on June 28th in Orleans) and a national price of 2000 € (on December 15th in Paris, by French Minister of Education Mr. Jean-François Lamour).

JPEG - 33.2 kb These prices add credibility and solidity to my project, and are an asset for the future of the association. Indeed, it acts of a mark of confidence and serious of the project...

During my stay in India in summer 2004, I met a person working on the making of the last album of Zazie (French singer). Having appreciated the project, he explained her my actions, and she decided to add a small note on her last album (Rodeo, November 22, 2004).

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My mother Françoise went to Rajasthan 2 times with some godfather’s, to make them discover the area of Rajasthan.They were delighted by being able to meet their godsons, and can’t wait to go back!

I correspond in English by e-mail with the directors and the teams of teachers.

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My boyfriend Jean-Christophe helped me to make this website ( to help the NGO to be known. He is supporting me everyday, thanks a lot my love!


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