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India, stretches out 3 287 590 km²(about 6 times the size France)and it is the 2nd most populous country in the world with more than 1 300 000 000 inhabitants (18 times more than in France).

The Rajasthan is a state located at the North West of India and covers a surface of 342 239 km² (more than a half of France) with 75 000 000 inhabitants.

The NGO, created in April 2003, is now acting out of 2 sites in Rajasthan: Katholi and Jaisalmer.

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The village of Katholi is located at the centre of this state, 300km west of Delhi (approximately 7h driving), and has approximately 3500 inhabitants including about 1000 children needing to be educated !

Since July 2017 we have 1000 pupils, divided into 13 classes (from the nursery school to class 12th), and 30 teachers.
Buildings are new, and children can have very good education.

JPEG - 75.4 kb The town of Jaisalmer, located at the west of the Rajasthan, in the middle of the desert Thar, numbers approximately 60000 inhabitants. The school is situated in a very underprivileged area and counts approximately 800 children divided into 11 classes (from the nursery school to class 8th) and 15 teachers. The project here is to build a school, as in Katholi. Now we are renting houses so teaching conditions are far from ideal. We bought a land, it remains for us to find the necessary funds to build the school.

Get them out of street... and give them the opportunity to go to school.
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