The association has 10 years, so I would only like to thanks everyone which helped us... whatever the way...

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- Thanks to the sponsor, Xerox, and more precisely to Eric Bonneveau, who permit us to get free posters and leaflets.

- Thanks to the 34 patrons, the 50 donors and 100 buyers which help us, to carry out some of the work...

- Thanks to the locals pharmacies which gave us medicines for children...

- Thanks to Air France, which permit us to carry some more luggage…

- Thanks to Ran, owner of an hotel in Jaipur, in India ( who has permitted us to get an appointment on the 10th of November 2003 ans the 22nd of March 2004 with Mrs the Ambassador of India in Paris.

- Thanks to Form’ Ligne in Montargis and more precisely to Catherine Prochasson, who let me send things each year in her sport center.

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- Thanks to the children of the Maharadjah of Kishangarh’s school (about 20km from Katholi) which decided to give some hot clothes to our students...

- Thanks to the Rotary Club of Montargis ( and more precisely to Mr Paumier. They decided to give me 400 €...

- Thanks to Amilly’s town council who give us for free the village hall one evening each year, and a subvention of 250 € for 2006.

JPEG - 36.5 kb - Thanks to the french ministry of youth and sports ; and to the ministry of education and search ; for the competition « envie d’agir ». I win 3000 €, for my project « Namas’Katholi »...

- Thanks to Sophie BALLENGHIEN for her help.

- Thanks to Zazie to have put my name on her CD Rodéo (novembre 2004).

Children Bound into Slavery

I wrote this poem in december 2002, a few months before creating this NGO...
Thanks to Charles to have helped me to traduce it ...

JPEG - 15.1 kb I am writing from that world to tell you the truth about misery
Which touches the lives of children who are forced into slavery
The innocents of the children’s smiles have been taken away
And they are treated every day like savage animals

I am writing from that place which the world cannot ignore
Where there are millions of children condemned forever
Who suffer the injustices that nobody dares to denounce
Even these days’ secrets still exist and cannot be revealed

I am writing in that country that ignores the terror
JPEG - 10.7 kb Which does not condemn this kind of suffering
Hundreds of thousands of weeping children are abused daily
And are open to many forms of brutality
Being denied both kindness and happiness
Where it is needed most

So I am writing in that town for a young Columbian girl
Attached forever bound by horrible chains
Living without any hope but with so much pain
Like all these children forced to work in slavery

JPEG - 10.3 kb I am writing to you in this house
So that everybody will know
That children our imprisoned and exploited in all four corners of the world
Confined to any awful existence in horrendous conditions
By people who have no regard for basic human writes
These children are exploited throughout their poor lives

And I am writing from my room protected from this tragedy
Where I can’t help my self thinking about the terror that
Exists both in India & Pakistan and everywhere else in the world
Which originates in so much pain and hardship?

JPEG - 12.2 kb I am writing in my head to give back to these children
The smile which has been removed from their faces for so long
To takeaway the pain of every moment
And to give them back their freedom and to know happiness

I am writing knowing that even if I do tell this
I will never been able to save one life of these children
But I go on to fight for the cause and struggle
To give back to these children their basic rights as human beings


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